“Of Anna and Dreams”

Guest Curator Robert Adanto Brings Us “Of Anna and Dreams”

The Human Frames cycle presents a series of ten film programs examining the human condition through experimental film and video art. Comprising both contemporary and archive images from across Asia and Europe, this project is inspired by the ancient theory of humoralism as a framework by which to analyze certain aspects of the human character. It focuses on ten emotional states – happiness, desire, madness, fanaticism, fear, anger, isolation, melancholy, mono no aware, and impermanence – and depicts the timeless and universal panoply of human tempers that lay beyond national, social and cultural affiliations.

“Of Anna and Dreams” (2010).
A visual journey of a dream of Anna May Wong (1905-61), the first Asian-American actress who gained a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame. The film is an artistic interpretation of her unconsciousness that consists of three dreams exploring three themes in her life: fear, identity and lust for love.

Of Anna and Dreams -Trailer from O Zhang on Vimeo.

Anna & Dream - Good

"Of Anna and Dreams" - Dream 2-4

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