Mermaids, Ringmasters and After Effects

By Sacha Stephan / August 18th, 2011 in Tech / Canada

Sometimes just the establishing shot of a film can be powerful enough to make you want to pause what you’re watching, take a picture of it, blow up that picture, cut out a door, and climb inside it to live forever, Malkovich-style. That’s how we felt when viewing the teaser for “The Little Mermaid,” an upcoming short film directed by Nicholas Humphries, with 3D & Visual Effects by Canadian-based visual artist Kim Oxlund.

According to Oxlund, “The Little Mermaid is a short film which takes place in a circus tent in a swamp in the middle of nowhere. We follow a captured mermaid’s struggles with an evil ringmaster“.

The majority of the exterior shots we’re fawning over were created using Cinema 4D and After Effects, while the birds in the sky are real. This maneuver of mixing reality with technology creates a surreal and dream-like world that leaves viewers in an allure-induced daze.

The teaser may be slightly sinister, but the juxtaposition of the menacing music with the gorgeous beauty of the setting—not to mention the Voldemort situation going on with the mermaid’s face—is undoubtedly what makes it so engaging and provoking.


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