Lupe Time Lapse

Lupe timelapse from two twelve on Vimeo.

2:12 is a Houston based artist with a passion for urban decay. His tools of choice are the x-acto knife, for cutting painstaking details, and the spray can, for stenciling layer by layer to create each painting. His canvas is the grit and grime of the city and his mission is to bring attention to those areas that are often unnoticed or neglected. By using vivid colors, eye catching patterns and sometimes physical objects his works add considerable interest to what was otherwise uninteresting. His works for galleries and private sale are often created to resemble what would be found on the street by using textures and techniques that make each piece look as if it was cut from a wall. The stencils used to create these canvases are used on the street first, then painted in limited editions before the stencils are destroyed.

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