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Guest Blogger Chris Rossi on Paul Bowles’ Mosaic Method Long before Eno’s oblique strategies, Paul Bowles described his own method for excising the ego by introducing randomness to the artistic process, in this case narrative story-telling. In his brief but … Continue reading

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Hedy Lamarr: Scientist & Inventor of Spread-Spectrum Technology

What do Caroline Herschel, Ada Lovelace, Mary Somerville, Mary Anning, Lise Meitner, Emmy Noether, Jocelyn Bell, Rosalind Franklin, Vera Rubin, and Hedy Lamarr (among others) have in common? They each made extraordinary scientific discoveries that went unrecognized because they were … Continue reading

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AiR: Vijay Balakrishnan & The Gesture

Compiled by Guest blogger Peggy Nelson I have some early memories of what I’ll call my ontological anxiety. I drew one dot and then another next to it and in a flash realized that by simply deciding I could see … Continue reading

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Lavazza – Favola a modo mio

Humane Advertising One day in the White Paper city, early morning people wake up and begin to live their lives. There’s something new in the main square, something growing… Lavazza a modo mio from dadomani on Vimeo.

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