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Introducing “Best Book”

The American Show introduces a new segment called “Best Book,” where we’ll talk to people about the book that had the biggest impact on their lives. We kick off the segment with artist Billy Kelley and his best book, Thomas … Continue reading

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PODCAST: Reframing the Deficit Misperception

We have two major camps in the U.S. right now arguing over which economic problem is more pressing: Is it the deficit? Or, is it jobs? The real problem is one of perception.

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Roger Guenveur Smith on “Juan and John”

Roger Guenveur Smith talks about his new play, “Juan and John,” his take on the famous 1965 incident between San Francisco Giants’ star Juan Marichal and L.A. Dodgers star John Roseboro.

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When Undocumented Immigrants Raise Citizens

What happens when undocumented immigrants raise U.S. citizens? Stress, low productivity, low learning development. Failure for all including the economy.

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Time to Leave Afghanistan

The death of Osama bin Laden is a symbolic turning point for the war on terrorism and a sign that we should leave Afghanistan and bring the troops home.

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Design Thinking For Education: What If?

Education in America is at a crossroads. It’s time for new direction and design thinking is one way to go to save our kids, our schools and our economy.

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Johnny Depp Reinvents Tonto At The Right Time

In Johnny Depp’s new version of “The Lone Ranger,” Tonto will be in the lead. And it couldn’t come at a better time given the U.S. military recent use of the name Geronimo for the bin Laden kill operation.

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The American Show: Podcast Episode One

Take a journey with us. Participate, derive, and choose what directions we will take. There is something to be said for those who watch, and for those who want to be watched. Take the opportunity to be both. Or don’t. … Continue reading

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